How does it work?

When out of balance, the body produces toxins which accumulate and create blockages in the body’s systems.  These areas are called “congestion” and can be felt as areas of crystallisation in the feet.  These areas, if left can lead to disease.  cropped-logo-watermark

The “U bend theory” of how reflexology works suggests that this debris becomes trapped in the feet at the nerve endings and that they need to be dispersed and cleared out.

The focus of reflexology is reduction of stress, to disperse areas of congestion and free up body systems so the body can return to normal homeostasis, or balance.

Stimulation to the zones of the body mapped out on the feet and hands (the reflexes) eases and helps to clear crystal deposits, encourages circulation in the body and aims to restore balance.

Such balance is known as ‘natural wellness’ – the body’s expression of optimal functioning.

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