What is Indian Head Massage?

After you have completed a medical questionnaire which will establish any contra indications to IHM being performed, you will take a seat on the special IHM chair and lean forward comfortably for the first part of the massage.

The treatment will take place through your clothing.

Working on your back, arms and shoulders and finally on your neck, you will lean into a face rest with your arms resting comfortably and enjoy the first part of the massage.  There are some arm rotations which stretch the pectoral muscles and which your therapist will ensure you can manage.

In the second half of the massage you will sit up and enjoy the scalp treatment followed by a gentle facial massage and the treatment is completed by clearing of the four chakras sited at the solar plexus, heart, throat and the scalp.

The treatment takes approximately one hour and can be performed using oils on bare skin.