Indian Head Massage

Brought to the western world from India by Narendra Mehta who is totally blind, Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapy which provides help and relief from stress related tension.  It has been known to effectively help migraines, depression, insomnia and the stress related symptoms such as eye strain.

The original therapy focused on the scalp alone intended to make hair strong and healthy, which indeed this therapy does.  It has been extended to include the neck shoulders, arms , upper back and hands.  As an overall de-stressing therapy, Indian Head massage employs a technique known as Champissage which is a subtle energy therapy that releases the chakras and opens up energy pathways through the body.

How Does it Work?

The head neck and shoulders are the focus of tension in our bodies – anger and stress lead to an accumulation of tension which translates into stiff muscles in the upper back, neck and shoulders.  Working with a gentle but firm rhythm, Indian Head Massage helps to unknot the build up of tension in the neck and shoulders, scalp and face.  The calming effect of this gentle and affirming therapy extends to the emotional and psychological wellbeing of its recipient.

IHM certificate