What Happens?

What happens during a treatment?

Your Aromatherapist will take a medical history from you and discuss what three conditions in your present state of health she will seek to treat.

She will then test whether you like the aroma of the oils and begin to make your unique blend.  You will have to withdraw and undress down to your underwear and remove all jewellery.  You will be given a large towel to emerge from the dressing area and alight onto the massage table.

The massage takes approximately one hour, sometimes a little more.  You will lie face down on the massage table for massage of your back and both legs. You will then have to turn over on the couch for massage of the front of your legs and arms.  Sometimes the stomach is massaged as well.  The therapist will then move above your head and complete the final part of the massage which covers your neck and shoulders, face and scalp.woman-gets-back-massage-no-pain-just-pleasure-close-up-female-masseur-hands-giving-to-young-53016166

The massage comprises a great deal of effleurage (smooth soothing movements) with a little petrissage (more vigorous squeezing/frictions movements) and some passive massage (manipulations)

Aromatherapy massage is relaxing and invigorating.  It increases the blood supply, breaks down and aids toxin elimination, helps break up fatty deposits under the skin and can relieve muscle spasm and stiffness.  Gentle massage also aids skin tone by aiding desquamation of the epidermis and increases lymph flow.