About Me

Sarah Ferreira Zanetti

My Story

Originating in Zimbabwe, I was privileged to train in Reflexology in my fifties and this was shortly followed by training in Indian Head Massage in Bath and an Itec course in Clinical Aromatherapy in Exeter.  I have trained in Deep Tissue Massage of the back and shoulders and undertaken many CPD courses in Reflexology to supplement my knowledge and ongoing training.  I am currently qualifying in Myofascial Release.

It is my deepest conviction that complementary therapy makes a subtle but vital difference to our sense of wellbeing and to the smooth running of our entire lives.  If you try to drive a car with a muddy windscreen, not only are you struggling to do the job well but you are missing out on seeing and participating in everything that is wonderful and beautiful.  This analogy demonstrates how, in a very subtle and hard to define way, taking care of yourself by attending to keeping your inner systems flowing smoothly through the employment of complementary therapies will have very big and positive benefits to your everyday ordinary life.





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